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Downtown Rosarito is the main area of the city and is filled with a variety of shops, restaurants, and activities for both tourists and locals. With everything from rustic furniture to major retailers, the downtown area of Rosarito is bustling.




Real Estate Market

 Home sales in Rosarito Beach are often tied to the North American economy. During the Great Recession, many likely foreign homebuyers halted plans for a second home or a retirement home, which stalled its growth. Development is continuing to boom, however, and Rosarito has the luxuries of a nice community with an affordable cost of living. There are a lot of nearby retail stores such as Walmart, McDonald’s and Home Depot as well as easily accessible supermarkets like Calimax, and Comercial Mexicana.

There are many types of homes available in Rosarito Beach from high rise and low rise condos to single-family homes. Beachfront and ocean view properties are the most popular.

The most likely buyers of properties are wealthier, North American baby boomers eager to buy a second home or vacation home. For non-Mexican citizens, the country has restrictions in place regarding real estate purchases. A property must be bought through a property trust managed through a bank.




Lifestyle and Culture


The Museum of Playas de Rosarito offers a glimpse into the history of Rosarito and the Baja area. Exploration takes visitors into the movie magic world on a working studio lot showcasing props and interactive exhibits. The Fox Studios Baja was the location of major blockbusters such as Titanic and Pearl Harbor which were filmed in the studio’s water tanks, the largest in the world. Exploration showcases props and interactive exhibits.

Rosarito Beach and the resort properties have some unique and fun festivals throughout the year. Some of the more popular ones include The Baja Blues Fest, SWAT Spring Break, the Rosarito Beach International Mariachi & Folklórico Festival and Dia de Los Muertos.


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Historic Art District

Perhaps the most famous attraction in Puerto Nuevo is the Lobster Village where over 30 restaurants famously serve up lobster. This beach community overlooks the scenic Pacific Ocean with many vacation homes, rentals, hotels and resorts

Puerto Nuevo


Puerto Nuevo also offers amazing views of the water, from its hills right above the famous lobster village, these views are breathtaking. This private neighborhood maintains a desert feel with upscale amenities