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A mural or wall painting is a figurative art technique painted or applied directly on a wall or wall, be it stone or some type of construction. The most common historical models are of pictorial compositions, or also made in mosaic, ceramic or sgraffito.

Actually, and except in Prehistory, it is not painted directly on the wall, but on a thin intermediate layer. The main technique used throughout the centuries for wall painting is fresco. The surface to be painted is prepared with several layers of plaster: first a rough plaster, the arriccio, and then a thinner layer of fine sand and lime, which is called intonaco. The pigment dissolved in lime water is then applied to the still wet wall.


My name is Bertha Licea, you can find me on Facebook as ART LICEA , I have 3 years living in Rosarito beach, I started my career in Art when I was just 4 years old, since then I have forged myself on the path of art but when I got to Rosarito I made myself known.

Today I have done many murals, both in Rosarito and Tijuana.

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