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Rosarito Beach is a city in the state of Baja California in Mexico. Rosarito Beach is located 20 miles south of the United States border and achieved city status in 1995 after splitting away as a suburb of Tijuana. Since then, the population of Rosarito Beach has nearly doubled. The Rosarito Beach municipality is home to over 90,000 residents within its 198 square miles.


Rosarito Beach was just a fishing village less than a century ago but has grown considerably as a tourist destination town. Part of the allure of Rosarito is the famous nightclub papasandbeer, in addition, its home to Fox Studios Baja which was built to accommodate the filming of Titanic and is still considered a popular destination for shooting movies and television programs.


Culture and history are a major factor in bringing in tourists and foreign retirees. The hacienda-style homes overlook the ocean and are considered a more peaceful option for tourists who are not so interested in the wilder parts of Tijuana to the north.


There is evidence of human habitation in Rosarito from over 4,000 years ago. Development was minimal until the 1980s when interest in building up Rosarito Beach as a tourist community was strong. Developments are newer and residents will find plenty of well-known retailers on their shopping expeditions.

The major resort areas of Rosarito are nestled along Boulevard Benito Juárez. These high rise hotels and condos offer a luxurious vacation destination to folks throughout North America. Commercial and residential development continues to grow northward toward Tijuana and south toward Ensenada.


Rosarito is mainly beach area with gentle hills and desert. The climate is considered semi-arid and the temperatures are quite mild with average highs in the mid-70s during the hottest months of July through October. The coldest months are February and March with lows averaging in the mid-50s. The rainiest months are January, February, and March when 60% of the annual rainfall occurs.


Real estate is likely purchased by wealthier baby boomers eager to buy a second home or vacation home, or they may want a place to retire to. As the Rosarito Beach economy recovers from the Great Recession, more investment in homes, condos, apartments and commercial and retail property is likely.


Although currently a small population relative to its size, Rosarito is attracting new residents with major shopping districts, restaurants like those found in Lobster Village, new business opportunities, and nightlife. The weather is incredible year-round and residents enjoy the infrastructure improvements that make life easier.


Entertainment and Tourism


Tourism is a major industry in Rosarito. The sunny climate and a vast number of sandy beaches make it a popular destination especially for water sports enthusiasts and whale watchers. Scuba diving, sports fishing, and kayaking remain extremely popular with many companies offering access to these activities.

Away from the water is horseback riding, ATV off-roading, and hiking. With most of the municipality considered desert, the majority of tourists and residents tend to stay closer to the water.

Rosarito Beach has an epic nightlife with many clubs attracting Spring Breakers and party-goers. Most nightclubs are in the same area, which makes bar-hopping easy. Some of the most popular destinations are Papas & Beer, Club Iggy’s and Club Bombay.




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